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Archives: August 2023

Elevate Your New Construction Home Buying Experience: The Power of a Trusted Agent

In the dynamic landscape of Atlanta’s luxury real estate market, the allure of owning a new construction home is undeniable. These modern marvels boast the latest features, superior craftsmanship, and a pristine canvas upon which to craft your dream abode. However, embarking on the journey to acquire a new construction home involves more than just […]

Atlanta’s Urban Surge: Navigating Population Growth and Real Estate Trends

In the past year, Atlanta’s population has surged to unprecedented levels, indicating a rising demand to reside in the city’s urban core. With approximately 14,300 new residents added between April 2022 and 2023, this influx is double the average observed over the previous three years. The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) released these estimations based on […]

Tighter federal regulations coming to luxury real estate market soon

The US Treasury Department is poised to enact expanded reporting measures on luxury home sales, putting an end to anonymous purchases that have enabled oligarchs, terrorists and others The U.S. Treasury Department is poised to announce later this month expanded reporting measures on luxury home sales, ending the anonymous luxury home purchases that have enabled individuals […]