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Archives: May 2022

Midtown Development Review Committee Greenlights Campanile Expansion

Dewberry Capital plans to add approximately 304,000 square feet of retail, office space to the 1980s-era building. Midtown Alliance’s Development Review Committee (DRC) this week gave Real Estate Developer Dewberry Capital the green-light to move its Campanile expansion plans forward. Dewberry Capital first presented the plans to the DRC in 2020 but has been plotting an expansion since at least 2016. […]

Will Home Prices Fall This Year? Here’s What Experts Say.

Many people are wondering: will home prices fall this year? Whether you’re a potential homebuyer, seller, or both, the answer to this question matters for you. Let’s break down what’s happening with home prices, where experts say they’re headed, and how this impacts your homeownership goals. What’s Happening with Home Prices?  Home prices have seen 121 consecutive months of year-over-year increases. CoreLogic says: […]